We Will Build You The Same Proven, And Profitable System, That We've Used To More Than Triple The Revenue Of 57 Contractors & Roofers So Far In 2023

Building Predictable Revenue this is Nate in the office
"We can multiply your revenue, Listen to Dozens of our clients below" Nate

We Build Client Acquisition Systems That Remove You As The Bottleneck.

And even better.....
Once built, The system requires no more out of pocket costs.
It rapidly grows your business using only the revenue it generates.

This is not a fairy story, It's Called...

Client Financed Acquisition

Below You'll Find a Few Dozen Of Our Clients Video Testimonials That Speak To The Revenue Generating Power of Our Systems & Processes

Our client Wayne, Runs A Construction Company. We’ve helped him more than 3x his revenue.

Our client Kristy, Runs a real estate company. We helped her more than 3x the number of homes sold.

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Imagine what would be possible for your business if…


You had a unlimited supply of Pre-Qualified leads that actually wanted to work with you specifically, because they were already educated on the unique value that you bring to the table.







And then imagine…

Having those Pre-Qualified leads booked right into your calendar, So all you have to do is say “yea we can do that for you” And then take their payment.








I’m not telling you Fairy Stories….








This system is very real

 You can see how much revenue we’ve generated for literally dozens of business owners just like you, By watching some of the 30+ Client video testimonials below!









You now have 3 options:


 #1: You say something like….

 Well this all sounds very interesting, but right now’s not a great time for me to consider this, maybe another time. And eventually you end up like the 96% that go out of business.







#2: You decide to take action yourself, And over the next year you invest countless hours of your time, and you spend $15,000+ on marketing campaigns trying to fine tune the process and systems, so they will deliver clockwork like results.



But in the end………


You eventually hit the jackpot! 

And you can now scale your business to the moon, Great Job!







#3: You decide to take the shortest and most certain path to success, And you have those who have already done this dozens of times build it for you.



And within a couple of weeks…..


You hit the Jackpot! 

And your able to scale your business to the moon, Smart decision!




I’m sure this makes sense to you…

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Hear from some of our other previous clients

"Nate made sure I understood what exactly was taking place and what results I should expect, And they've made me an extra $52K In the last 3mo of 2021.”
Wayne Roberts
Monroe, Mi.
“I was hesitant at first just because it was a large investment to me at the time, But implementing Their lead generation system has 3x my monthly contracts, which has been life changing"
Chad Miller
Grand Rapids, Mi.
“Using Nates lead gen system has taken me from having so much stress about lead gen problems that it was causing physical health issues, To having my calendar booked out weeks in advance, Its wonderful!”
Grace Wernette
Ionia, Mi