We will get you moving up the rankings before we ask you to pay us!

My Name’s Nate, 

I’m the second guy in the video above that explains the details. 

But basically to keep this very simple, If your tired of never seeing any results from seo companies, Submit the form below and we will get you moving up the rankings that you can see with your own eyes before we ask you to pay us. I know its an unheard of offer, But when you know what your doing and can actually do what you say you can, Its not a huge deal. 

Also, after you submit the form…  

Scroll down another twelve inches or so and you’ll see dozens of our client video testimonials, If we’ve already helped them all massively increase their revenue, isn’t it a bit unreasonable for you to think we can’t do it for you also?

Below are just a few of the Powerful strategies we implement that change the game for our clients

 It’s important to understand that Ranking a website is not rocket science. And Google is not Conscious, and does not play favoritism. 

So rather than guessing what Google wants a website to have in order to rank #1 what should we do….

 How about we model whats already working! 


We use software to analyze those websites that are already ranking (Where you want to be) so those websites that already rank in the top 3 spots for your industries most valuable revenue generating keywords. 

Since we now know for 100% FACT those websites currently have everything Google requires your website to have in order to rank at the top of the first page, What should our next steps be….. 


Does this make logical sense to you? 

So we use software to analyze those websites, we look at the exact number of backlinks each page has, we look at the websites those backlinks are coming from, we look at the business directories their listed in, We look at the keywords to text ratio, and about a dozen other key areas.

We then set out to model those exact things for your site. 

doesn’t it make since that if we model/copy those EXACT Key factors that a website has which is already ranking at the top of the first page, we will likely get similar results?


And I assure you, 

Zero chance in you finding anyone that can do the things we do. 


We manipulate the first page search results like a musician manipulates his keyboard

One of our Secret Weapons…. 

Which I learned from the late Great “Chet Holmes”  He was one of the greatest marketing strategist of the last hundred years.

It’s called… 

(Education Based Marketing) We use this approach to content creation. 

Just to give you an Idea how powerful this is, Studies show a person is 29X more likely to make a purchase or hire a company after consuming some form of their Educational Content. 

So we dig deep into our clients industries and craft powerful Educational content that has a WOW FACTOR to it.

 This helps the prospect form a subconscious bond with your company. They begin to view you as the Expert Educator, and as the industry leader. 

And when it comes time for them to purchase or hire a company, who are they going to choose…. ?  Obviously they’re going to hire the Expert Educator that’s been teaching them about (Your industry.)



We’ve been playing this game for well over a decade, ranking not only our clients websites, but hundreds of our own. 

In that period of time, we’ve been very intentional about developing partnerships with thousands of Influential bloggers and other website owners. These partners have already spent years establishing credibility with Google and other search engines. This literally gives us SUPER POWERS When compared to other companies. 

 To make this simple to understand, we have established a relationship that allows us to write an Article about your specific industry (the article contains a backlink pointing to your website) we then publish it on their website. 

The reason this is so extremely valuable is,  still close to 30% of what allows a website to improve its rankings and establish authority with the search engines are backlinks from (Very credible authority websites) as a backlink is one website vouching for the credibility of another.

 This provides our clients websites with very high authority backlinks which boost their websites domain authority very quickly and as a result allows us to improve rankings very quickly. 

Simply put, We create lots of High Value Educational Content or Articles that are crafted with the intention on ranking YOUR WEBSITE in the search engine for very specific revenue generating keyword phrases. Ie: Your industries most valuable purchase intent keyword phrases. (The phrases people type into google when looking to buy your services)


We then craft dozens of similar articles that are published on our partners websites with backlinks pointing from those articles to the ones we just created on your site. This passes credibility and authority from our partner sites to yours, allowing us to rank our Educational content rather quickly.


Some people label techniques like this as “Gray hat” methods that your not supposed to do because it bends the rules and exploits weaknesses in the search algorithms. 

Let me assure you,

 I can show you hundreds of examples of the biggest and most well known brands on the planet employing these strategies or (Bending the rules.) 


If you’d like to work with us, but you do not want us to employ these techniques to your great advantage, we will not use them.

 And yet still… 

Just like when your favorite football team, or a champion race horse, has lost the home field advantage,  What do they do…. 

 They dig a little deeper and go a little harder to ensure they get the win.


 (Alright I’m getting a little carried away here)


But for me to completely outline what we do would take hours to explain, but understand there is a reason we have dozens of happy client video testimonials. 

One last thing I want to mention...

The business growth tactics and strategies you’re going to hear/learn about as a result of working with us in any manor will be worth 100x any amount you could pay us. 


Hows that possible? 

Because there’s literally a 1000+ ways to grow and impact a business, 990 of them you’re likely not aware of. Because you haven’t spent thousands of hours studying the techniques used by some of the best marketers and business growth strategist of all time, and we have. 

Then we’ve been able to work with hundreds of businesses across dozens of different industries, and test thousands of marketing tactics and strategies to learn what works and what doesn’t. 

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If we've been able to help all of these different service providers multiply their revenue, Isn't it a little unreasonable to think we can't do the same for you?

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